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Name:piezoelectric accelerometer ELA02


Category: Accelerometer

Date:2012-06-28 11:56

Overview:Accelerometer is a sensor (transducer) which converts vibration & shock into electric signal.


Product Description

Accelerometer is a sensor (transducer) which converts vibration & shock into electric signal. Employing the direct piezoelectric effect of piezoquartz & piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric accelerometer is an affordable high frequency acceleration transducer.
Small in size, light in weight, high frequency response, wide measurement range, wide ambient temperature range, large overload capacity.
The accelerometers are widely applied to military projects, vehicles, bridge inspection and other fields for safe monitoring, automobile crash test, earthquake monitoring, structure monitoring, environment monitoring, vibration detecting of projects, geological exploration, the vibration detecting & analysis of railway, bridges, dames, high buildings, etc
Measurement range: ±200, ±500g
Sensitivity: ~25, ~10pC/g
Overload vibration: 150%F.S
Overload shock: 5000g
Natural frequency:  8kHz, 12kHz
Non linear: no more than 5%
Cross-sensitivity ratio: no more than 5%
Ambient temperature:  -45~+80°C
Mounting type: M5 double-screw bolt
Applications: General

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