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Name:dual axis inclinometer


Category: Inclinometer

Date:2012-06-21 17:21

Overview:Customized measurement range: ±20° High accuracy: up to 0.01° Stable in performance


Product Description

Customized measurement range:  ±20°
High accuracy: up to 0.01°
Stable in performance
High resolution: 0.01°(Customized)
Quick responce: 3Hz real time responce
Max. absolute error no more than 0.03°at the temperature range of -20Celsius to +65Celsius
Output: RS232, RS485, 4~20mA, 0~5V optional
The product can withstand 15KV static
Suitable to DC7V~DC12V

Technical Parameters
Item Value Unit Remark
Measuring axis 2 axis Dual axis
Measuring range ±20 ° Customized
Resolution 0.01 ° Customized
Accuracy 0.01 ° Test temperature: +23ºC (±1ºC)
Temperature drift ≤0.03 º Temperature range: -20ºC~+65ºC
Output 0~5V   0.5~4.5V
Response time 0.3 s  
Operating voltage 7~12 V DC
Quiescent current <20 mA  
Ambient temperature -40~+80 Celsius  
Storage temperature -50~+125 Celsius  
Vibration 1000 g  
Casing Aluminium alloy   Surface anodized
Encapsulation IP65    

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