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 Who we are
Dedicated to provide the most suitable solution to clients from industrial automation control and other related fields, we are a research institutes & factories integrated company specializing sensing, imaging and aerotechnics in Chengdu-China.

What we do
Based on the abundant experienced manufacturers and professional research institutes specializing in different fields, we are in the position to provide a wide range of one-stop solution and related system and products. Now we are in the position to supply Accelerometer, Inclinometer, IR Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Load Cell, IR thermometer, IR thermal imager, IR Thermo-vision System, IR Thermal Viewer, UV Corona Camera, UAV, etc.

What we hold
Holding the principle of "Continuous Technology Innovation", we have organized an effecient team with technical know-how as well as know-why; Holding the principle of "Quality First", we have established our own Eluox Quality Control System as per general industrial applications standards as well as special military applications standards; Holding the principle of "Client First", we have established a professional team of engineers to listen to your needs, to select the most suitable solution according to your specific requirements; Holding the "Credit for Most", we have established long term co-operation with clients from America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

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