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 UV imaging opens new applications
Reflected-ultraviolet imaging is being enabled by advances in ultraviolet LEDs, laser sources, CCD cameras, and lenses.
Industrial machine vision has traditionally centered on visible-light imaging cameras and visible-light illumination. The simplest machine-vision applications are replacements for human workers, who see in the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in wavelengths between 400 and 750 nm. A human-replacement machine-vision system might consist of a monochrome video camera combined with a software algorithm to detect the presence or absence of the cap on a tube of toothpaste and the degree to which it has been tightened. For a system like this, the lighting can be provided by simple tungsten lamps.
The machine-vision industry has done very well with this sort of application, using both color and monochrome video cameras that closely match the spectral response of the human eye. Yet there is a great deal of light in the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye cannot see. This invisible light quite often carries significant amounts of interesting information

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